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Heather (meet_thunder)
She's learned that if she wants to have a conversation with her sister, she has to actually show up at the door. It's a bit frustrating, but it is what it is. Her sister is depressed and she can't expect Jenny to come over and sit down with them at the kitchen table. It bugs her, but she can respect it. So, armed with a notebook full of cures for pregnancy sickness and tricks for avoiding stress, she stands at the door to the townhouse and knocks.
24th-Aug-2012 12:45 am - Serendipity in a phone call
PtS Verse
MTAC was the only quiet place and he could think, the place no one would automatically look for him. All communications were shut down for the night. He stared at the notes. The two folders overlapped each other - one with the image of a woman he’d never stop loving and the other with the image of a girl who deserved her mother. Somehow, he had to make this whole thing work. It shouldn’t be too hard to get Nadia away from her so called foster family. He needed to keep her away from the situation, but she was so determined to get her daughter back that if he could convince her that she had to keep her distance, she would.
The door opened Gibbs held his breath while he tried to figure out who had entered. It was a stupid tactic but also one that might save him. At least he was back in the corner and his new company wasn’t likely to see him unless he came all the way into the room and looked up toward the top of the theater.

“No, I sent the file.” Vance’s voice.

A pause and Gibbs ached for some kind of super human hearing for the other end of the line.

“New Mexico.”

Gibbs sat up and almost spilled the files.

“No, he didn’t.”

A long pause this time.

“There’s enough to link her to something if we look hard enough. The team wasn’t clean in her time in Europe and it would be easy to twist what we have of the evidence to make it look like she was part of the team that was running the guns. It throws them off of us and there’s enough to cause suspicion and there are photos of her with Kort. He had them. If we can find them it shouldn’t be hard to build any kind of a case. If anything, we can make the whole case go away.”


Vance again paused. “Of course, Clayton. I’ll take care of it.”

Gibbs stared down at the files in his hands, listening to the conversation. Vance hung up and paused; a good agent knowing perhaps that he wasn’t alone. But his footsteps retreated and Gibbs let out a slow breath. It was almost too good to be true – that this tidbit of information about Liz’s situation had fallen into his lap. It was good and bad. Good, because they could do something. Bad because he had only half truths and Liz’s case was so deeply complicated that they couldn’t even remove the men who were responsible from their jobs. Politics ruled the day and in that, he knew his former lover was well and screwed.

One thing was for sure, he wasn’t going to get caught making a call in MTAC. He waited ten minutes before slipping out the door and down the back stairs to his truck. Once inside, he dialed a familiar number and hoped she answered.
25th-Jul-2012 10:08 am - Changing the Game
Heather (meet_thunder)
She's fucking tired of it. Her first 43 years on the planet might have been spent deferring to her big sister in all matters of everything, down to the prom date Jenny had wanted, but in the last year, she's grown a backbone. Yes, she's hemmed and hawed about calling her sister and confronting her. Jenny's heart was broken in an embarrassingly public way and the rest of the year spiraled out of control for her. The suicide attempt, Heather knows, didn't have nearly as much to do with her broken heart as people seem to be whispering. One doesn't not simply kill themselves because your once-lover loves another.

So yes, she's danced around Jenny's feelings. She's let herself worry and wring her hands and leave voice mails because they are safe. Not anymore. Not today. Leroy was called out early to a case, she's left James at the Art Camp and Daniel at the boys camp they found. (It's been working well for him.) All her recently established DC, Maryland, and Virginia clients are happy with products received. The photography series she's been working on can wait a day. She's done. Because the truth is, for as much as Heather spent her life deferring to Jenny, Jenny is an emotional coward. She's never let herself open up, never let herself face personal problems. Heather might be the idiot who couldn't open her mouth and say no to her parents, but Jenny is the idiot who just can't open her mouth. She can use her fingers though and Heather saw the post in that community she frequents.

So she pulls up in front of the perfectly poised townhouse (Jenny is just like their father) and stares at the door. Chances are that the door will get slammed in her face, but at least she's trying. Bluntly, the ball should be in Jenny's court. Heather has reached out more than once, but Jenny needs to know she's the queen, so here Heather sits. Finally she gets out of the car and walks slowly to the door. She didn't bring any offerings - no coffee, no tea, no gift baskets of hope. It's just her. And if Jenny doesn't like it, that's her problem.
15th-Jul-2012 01:16 am - Mixed Emotions
Heather (meet_thunder)
Part of this.

Just like with everything else lately, she’s found out through the damned internet. First the ALS and then the wedding and now her big sister is pregnant. She isn’t sure what to think, and it takes a lot to keep the bitchy thoughts at bay. She gets why her sister is pissed at her, but enough is enough and Heather has her own list of grievances and whatever she said to Leroy recently has him tucked away so far inside himself she wants to go over to her sister’s house and beat the crap out of her until they talk. Hell, it worked as kids and they’re both acting like stupid teenagers right now.

Needing to talk.Collapse )
9th-Jul-2012 11:02 pm - I don't say it enough ...
In thought
She challenges me when I need it. She kicks my ass when I need it. But most of all, she lets me be what I need. She doesn't place blame or guilt on herself or me when something doesn't go quite according to plan. She immerses herself in what I'm doing so that she can know where my mind is and all the while doesn't demand inane things like conversation and because of that, I can say as much or as little as I need to say.

She deserved better over the years. We both did. But we're long past that. Now we have other issues to tackle and to face. It isn't always easy, but it's what it is. And I love her for all of it. I don't say it enough, but I do mean it. Especially now.

She's endured my (necessary) silence throughout the last few months while dealing with IAB and OPC. There are things I honestly cannot talk about and she doesn't push and doesn't think I am keeping her in the dark for any other reason than God's Honest Truth I can't talk about it. It isn't an easy road to walk considering the case that is at the top of my priority list (per the AD) is one that deals with someone we both care for.

The case is over. Paperwork must be signed and now we wait for the next step. Reports are still in the works. Forensic evidence tracked across countries. But the investigation is over. Now comes the dull part. So I'm taking a break to thank Her for her patience and just getting me.
14th-May-2012 10:06 pm - Night Falls
PtS Verse
He moves slower than he used to, gets tired more easily. He still spends most of his days in the barn, carving boats that will float no where in the desert and naming them after the beautiful redheads who once inhabited his life. Nights are often spent walking out the lingering cramps in his legs, and he's come to be good friends with a few of the horses. Kelly especially, who tends to get melancholy when night falls. Nightfall had been the horse's time with Liz and when he'd come home that day, he'd found the beast at the porch, pawing the stairs nervously. She'd known.

His nighttime path takes him to Liz's reading spot. It is just outside the stables, a bench wrapped in vines. She'd spent her time there, writing and thinking, reading old stories and old journals. More than once, he'd found her asleep, shaking even in her dreams. It is where he finds Daniel, staring at the bench seat that is now covered in dust. He wonders if the young man has been out to the grove yet.

"Daniel," he says by way of greeting. They've never been close, but then again, his missteps with Liz ruined a lot of close ties before they could be formed.
10th-May-2012 04:19 pm - Waiting Game
Despite being a man of few words, Jethro Gibbs was not a man of few friends. He made alliances carefully, picking and choosing his friends and allies. Because of the occasional bottle of bourbon, the phone number of an ex-girlfriend, the handmade Christmas present, he had friends at all levels in all agencies. More than a few times in his life he’d been grateful, but never quite so much as he was now.

IA and OPR were holding off their hearings into Jenny’s conduct. Somehow he’d convinced them she wasn’t able to work so why should they bother trying to fire her. He knew it only gave them more time to dig up ammunition on her, but he’d seen the files. Having friends in the right places had given him access to what he needed. So he knew what she was in for. The worst stain on her record was the killing of Rene Beniot, but the CIA had given her their coveted get-out-of-jail-free pass and any subsequent violence in the wake of his death could be chalked up to self-defense.

Clarke’s rather idiotic internet ramblings about Jenny’s health and her involvement in the post-Benoit cases had little to do with Jenny and more to do with a lack of understanding of professionalism of the techno-generation. Her own internet postings about their relationship showed a lack of judgment but there was little that was fireable or that wouldn’t even make it past a senate confirmation hearing. Her health was the issue, he knew, and they would use it to get rid of her. Given Jenny’s current mental state, he knew she would take them up on it, and he needed to avoid that. Despite her, at times, questionable choices she was devoted to NCIS and was the best option of all potential directorial candidates. In six months, she’d wake up and regret resigning or allowing them to force her out and she wouldn’t have some recourse for return. So he needed to stall for time.

If only she trusted Heather. Under any other circumstance, he knew Heather could help stabilize Jenny. But right now, especially with the new ring on Heather’s finger, getting the two of them together would just be a bad idea. So he had to rely on her reaching out to him, on Alex (who he knew did care for her) and possibly Clarke, who was not exactly the best person for the job. But he’d take what he could get. Jenny had to work through things as much on her own as she did with others.

So he stayed close, keeping an eye on the Acting Director, making sure new groundwork was not being laid that would end up working against Jenny. He kept an eye on his team, silencing mutiny with mere looks. Now wasn’t the time to goof off. The agency was suddenly under a spotlight and one misstep more, they’d all be looking for work.
16th-Apr-2012 11:30 am - Next steps.
Yeah right
Follows this.

The paperwork is more complex than he'd like. As senior agent under the Director and AD, he has long since accepted the responsibilities that come with his position. It doesn't mean he likes any of it, especially since more and more the agency has gone "paperless." It's a bogus, bullshit term that means he does all of his paperwork on the computer and then prints it out to sign. The monitors make his eyes hurt.

Stan meets with him to coordinate efforts. His team will transport Jenny and Alex back to DC, where they will then be guarded by a joint Marshal/Treasury department detail until all of NCIS is cleared in this assassination attempt. The records going back to the Frog are opened and as Jenny has been stalked and watched by groups loyal to enemies of the state, she is to be well guarded. Stan gripes at him about the protection details of NCIS and Gibbs can only shrug. Until now, Jenny has set her own detail. It makes him wonder about her mental state, but he leaves it be. For now.

As of Monday, she is cleared to travel, per the Marshal's discretion. Gibbs will follow when the California area of the investigation is wrapped up enough for him to transition to the DC office for a while. It will also give him time to get the house ready for Heather and the boys if it's needed. He doesn't go back to see Jen again, despite wanting to. They said what they needed to say and anything else, at the moment, will be completely case based.

Not for the first time, he lets himself linger on regret. Not for the choices made, but for how things came to pass. She's hurting for more reasons than his choosing Heather, but the look in her eyes tells him it will be into the next lifetime before they actually talk about it.

James' voice on the phone gets him through the first leg of the drive back to Oceanside. Heather's soft tones get him through the second. For the first time since doing this job, he's found peace at home and it makes the stress at work so much easier.

He'd been planning to wait until June to ask Heather something, but when he gets home (and gets a nap under his skin) he's going to move forward. There's no reason to wait.
12th-Apr-2012 09:57 pm - Confrontations
Follows this.

After leaving Ziva to clean up Mike's mess of Svetlana, Gibbs takes off to Albuquerque at sonic boom speeds. He careens into the driveway and only then slows his pace. US Marshals dressed as stable hands glance his way, but they knew he was coming so they don't stop him when he gets out of the car, races past the horses and kids, and makes his way to the guest house Stan told him about. Before pounding it down, he calms himself, suddenly aware there is a teenage girl staring at him, arms crossed. For a moment, she reminds him of Jenny. But then his mind is back on the case, on Svetlana. At least the danger is done. For now. The investigation is not over. Not by a long shot. Everything she's done as director is about to be called into review. This is one thing he can't save her from. Gibbs knocks.
12th-Apr-2012 04:10 pm - Hunting
End of Day
Follows this.

As with most cases, the break does not come in a huge shower of information that leads directly to a hideout. It doesn’t come with some whispering informant on the other end of the line. It comes late at night, when nothing makes sense, when Mike is getting on his last nerve and Gibbs is ready to set fire to the buildings.

the hunt continues ...Collapse )
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